The core investment team at Ajeej Capital is comprised of exactly the same team members that joined the firm at its inception from 2007 to 2008; we are in fact one of the few teams (possibly the only) in the Middle East that has not witnessed any departures since our coming together over a decade ago. As such, the joint experience of the team operating between Saudi Arabia and Dubai since 2007, surviving the global financial crisis, the Arab Spring, royal successions, socio-economic revolutionary reform, diplomatic boycotts and crises and over 10 years of EM and FM volatilities, means that we have developed thicker skins than most and an understanding that there is always more to learn. Our desire to learn from our mistakes, to continue evolve and pursue self-betterment, have always been our strengths, and these are the  same characteristics that we carry forward with us into the next phase of evolution for our markets and our industry.

Ajeej Team in Numbers: